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Make-up mistakes and how to fix them quickly


We have all executed it. We’ve all made the ones makeup snafus, which appear to be more not unusual on every occasion we’re in a rush and don’t definitely have time to deal with our errors. The mascara smears; the lipstick bleeds; the foundation turns dark; the attention shadow creases. The look isn’t quite, greater clown like than modelesque, leaving the blood strain soaring and frustration at an all-time high.

The coolest news is that there are brief and easy fixes. Here are a few pointers to help remedy the ones pesky little make-up issues every time they occur.

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Getting rid of these mascara lumps and clumps can be a breeze if you realize what to do. Once you finish with an antique mascara, hang on to the wand brush. Smooth it thoroughly and sterilize it. Preserve it interior of a smooth zip-lock bag until you need it. The next time your mascara clumps, pull out the clean wand and work it carefully via the lashes to split them and remove any excess mascara.

When mascara smears or sticks underneath the eyes, there are more than one quick fixes. If you have time, let the mascara dry. Then take a smooth q-tip and brush the smear away. In case you are in a rush, dip into q-tip into glycerin or rose water. Then lightly rub it throughout the smear to do away with the mascara, with any luck without doing away with the foundation below. If for some motive it does, dip every other q-tip into the muse to fast repair the problem.


The best way to avoid lipstick troubles inside the first location is to use a primer and/or lip liner before making use of the lipstick. However, that doesn’t resolve the problem after the reality. So, if the colour bleeds into the high-quality lines around the mouth or smears there are multiple brief fixes to strive.

Smooth your lipstick brush in make-up remover. Dip the easy brush into your basis. Use the inspiration to dissolve the smeared lipstick as well as paintings the natural coloration lower back into the skin across the smeared location.

If the lipstick colour turns out darker than you expected, don’t try to get rid of it and start over. Use a impartial beige lipstick shade over the pinnacle to melt the appearance. The more layers you observe, the lighter the shade becomes. Another opportunity is to use a semi-sheer gold or silver metallic lipstick over the pinnacle. However, reserve that glitzy look for night. It isn’t certainly suitable for sunlight hours.

If you need your lipstick color to appear brighter, line and fill inside the lips with a slightly darker lip liner. Reapply the lipstick over the top.

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It’s far essential to continually pick out the right “kind” of foundation on your pores and skin. This can assist keep away from any slip-and-sliding off of the face.

Apply basis with a makeup sponge instead of your hands. This will help prevent you from making use of too much make-up, that can bring about extreme basis problems. In case your basis insurance continues to be too thick, clean your make-up sponge speedy after which use it to blend away the extra product. To keep foundation from moving out of location once it’s far implemented, brush a clean, translucent powder over the top to seal it into region.

In case you pick a basis this is too mild in your pores and skin, strive brushing a chunk of bronzing powder over the top to heat it up and upload a few intensity. If the foundation turns dark at the pores and skin, blend it collectively with moisturizer earlier than applying it to the pores and skin.


As with basis, it’s miles critical to pick out the right “type” of foundation to your skin kind. If you observe too much blush or the shade seems too dark use a smooth blush brush to blur the product. Then use clean, translucent powder over the pinnacle to lighten the appearance.

If the blush is simply too mild, layer on several careful coats to make it appears brighter or alternative a bronzing powder for the blush. Additionally sweep the bronzer throughout the pinnacle of the brow, down the bridge of the nose, on the facet of the face, and chin.


The exceptional way to preserve eye shadow from creasing is to put together the lids before adding the shadow within the first place. This may be performed by means of without a doubt applying basis and or powder across the lids first. This can prevent creasing and “sliding” of the product.

If you practice the color too heavily, use an easy shadow brush to diffuse the coloration more frivolously. If it’s miles still too darkish, brush a bit of beige eye shadow over the pinnacle. Another choice is to apply a piece of basis to blur the shade slightly.

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