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How to pick up women – The right place, right words and right location.

As in many favourable instances in life, the fortunate are the recipients of their good fortune because they were in the right place at the right time, and oftentimes, equipped with the right thoughts and words. This is especially the case when it comes to men figuring out how to pick up women, as there are many women who not only look at the physical appearance of the guy, but also put a premium on what they have to say, and how they say it, as more women are learning to draw the general disposition and probable intent of a guy from how they talk and what they talk about during a first date.


Location, location, location

Another gauge that women use in drawing a mental picture of a guy is their suggested venue for the date. From this they can already determine how cheapo the guy is, or if he is just really intent in getting into her pants above everything else, or if the entire date would be one of the most boring events in the woman’s life. In the case that the guy is into picking up women in bars, it is not always a safe bet that the woman found in the bar is always one up for a good “game”. There is always the chance that the woman frequents the place because of the good ambience, music, or even food and the drinks, and is not really there to see someone, although in the case of a singles bar, this mind set may not always be the case. Should the woman ask you what particular place you would like to take her to, try to at least find a decent place that gives an impression of you being a fun and decent person, since sleazy place could always point to a sleazy guy.

Finding the best “hunting ground”

In looking for a place to pick women up, try to expand your normal bracket of venues. While bars and clubs are the most common places to find women to date, there are also some other venues wherein you could very well find a woman who might even share some interests as you. There are a surprising number of people who manage to meet in places where one does not normally expect to hook with someone, such as a library or an art gallery. These are places bound to have someone who might prove to be of a more interesting fare than the usual ones. Other venues where one can meet women, such as conventions, auctions, and even seminars or short learning courses. It could prove to be a good practice to try to expand your list of best places to pick up women.


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